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What shall I do? How shall I work? (Quote from Witness Lee)

What shall I do? ... how shall I work? (Quote from Witness Lee)

What shall I do? … how shall I work?

“Please bear in mind that while we should have a heart for the Lord, we should cease all of our efforts. People always like to ask, “What shall we do?” Whether in the Gospels or in Acts, from the time the Lord Jesus preached the gospel of grace, these questions were frequently asked: “What shall I do? How shall I work?” Then in Romans 9:16 Paul said, “It is not of him who wills, nor of him who runs, but of God who shows mercy.” Romans 9 is the answer to all the questions. It is not a matter of “doing”; there is not such a thing as “doing…”

“Therefore we can only say, “Be merciful to me, O God! Enable me to see that Your plan is for Your Son to be revealed in me, to be formed in me, and to fill my whole being so that He may live Himself out through me.” It is only by revelation that we can see this. We cannot see it by exercising our will, by running, by wishing, or by thinking; all of these human efforts are enemies of Christ and hindrances to him. We must stop ourselves…” (Guidelines for the Lord’s Table Meeting and the Pursuit in Life, by Witness Lee, ch. 9)

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